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Our bodies have an energy field called an aura, or a biofield, as described by science.   This aura sends out energy frequencies and absorbs energy frequencies from the outside of this aura, or biofield.  As a result, this energy field and the energy centers (commonly called chakras) get dirty or muddied from the constant transfer of energy in and out of our bodies to and from our environment or surroundings on a daily basis.  Over time, that energy, like dirt, builds up and can create a feeling of sluggishness, heaviness, brain fog or exhaustion.

You may notice feeling "off" or having a hard time focusing.  You may also experience something in your daily life that  your logical mind dismisses, like a disagreement with a co-worker, child, or friend.   Perhaps you had an argument with your spouse.  However, our energy body holds onto those energies created by the argument, disagreement or something else we may have witnessed (the news, an accident, etc.) and makes us feel "off".

Reiki acts like an energetic shower for your auric field.  It removes stagnant energy that blocks your aura and chakras and brings them back into balance with all of your body's physical and biological functions.  As a result, a sense of peace and calm is often experienced.  

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