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Helping You Unblock Your Energies and Unlock Your Potential

Do you feel disconnected?  Do you feel frustrated with current life?  Are you experiencing stress & anxiety?


Navigating today's energetic chaos, upheaval, and uncertainty doesn't have to be difficult, frightening or challenging!

Energy medicine is an alternative health modality that uses the energy all around us to help you move through a wide range of physical pain and emotional & spiritual blocks in the most efficient and transformative way possible.  I work with men, women and teens (especially empaths and intuitives) who are seeking a holistic way to heal physical pain, remove old energies, and make room for high vibration energy so they can move through any stagnant, unmotivated and uninspired places they're in.

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Hello, I'm Marianne!  


Over the last 25+ years working in the health and wellness industry, I've worked with hundreds of individuals (young and old) going through periods of struggle with feeling disconnected, frustrated with the anxiety, stress, physical & emotional pain, and confusion their environments created for them.  I have been there!  I have spent my adult life studying and traveling the country and the world learning from experts in the fields of spirituality, personal growth and energy healing.  My own 30 year journey seeking the physical and emotional healing I needed eventually is what opened up my re-connection to the Universe, my healing and intuitive abilities.  It had such a profound impact in my life that I knew I wanted to provide this type of holistic healing for others.


I am a Master Reiki Teacher and I love using energy medicine to help heal and guide people back to their True Self so they can see clearly, live freely and love fully.  It would be my honor to work with you on your healing journey!  I work with clients in office and online via Zoom.

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Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Medical Reiki Specialist 

Published Author

Public Speaker


I'd Love to Hear From You!

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